Cirrus has been discontinued

My original goal with Cirrus was to provide a first-class experience for anybody wanting to manage their Cloudflare-enabled domains on an iOS app. Cirrus was one of my most ambitious projects that I worked on, and the amount of progress that I made impresses me.

Unfournately, as time went on my interest in both Cirrus and Cloudflare waned, and the quality of the app has continue to slide and slide, as I struggle to find interest or desire to work on it anymore.

As such, I've decided to discountinue development of Cirrus and remove it from the app store. For users who have already purchased the application, it will remain in your "purchased" section of the App Store. Cirrus should continue to function until Cloudflare makes breaking changes to its API.

If you only just recently purchased Cirrus please accept my apologies, and I recommend that you contact Apple and seek a refund for your purchase.

As a gift to the community, I have released the source code for Cirrus on my Github profile under the MIT license. Cirrus on Github ⟩

Thank you all for giving me a chance to prove to you, and to myself of my worth as an iOS Developer with Cirrus. I look forward to the next big project, whatever that may be.